Corporate Governance

Declaration of Conformity in accordance with § 161 of the German Stock Corporation Act (AktG) dated March 2019

In accordance with § 161 of the German Stock Corporation Act (AktG), the executive board and supervisory board of Nemetschek SE declare that the recommendations of the “Government Commission of the German Corporate Governance Code”, version dated February 7, 2017, with the resolutions resulting from the plenary session of February 7, 2017, published in the official part of the Federal Gazette on April 24, 2017, (hereinafter “Code”), have been and are being met with the following exceptions:

  • The D & O insurance does not include excess insurance for supervisory board members (Code Item 3.8 Clause 3). Nemetschek SE does not believe that excess insurance would increase the motivation and sense of responsibility of the members of the supervisory board.

  • For the specification of executive board remuneration, the supervisory board made no vertical comparison of remuneration at the level of Nemetschek SE, as recommended by Code Item 4.2.2 Clause 2. As a holding company, Nemetschek SE does not offer any appropriate standards of comparison for either upper management circles or staff as a whole. Nevertheless, the supervisory board – as in the past – used the remunerations of the heads of the most important product organizations as a standard of comparison on which to base its remuneration decisions.

    The variable short-term incentive plan does stipulate upper limits, which however are not always expressed as a fixed amount but as a percentage of a fixed amount. Ultimately, the executive board employment contracts do not stipulate upper limits in terms of amount for the total remuneration (Code Item 4.2.3 Clause 2). Nemetschek SE is not of the opinion that this is required in the case of the existing remuneration system. If the amount of variable incentive plans is limited, this also applies for the total remuneration to be achieved.
  • Neither an age limit for members of the executive board and the supervisory board nor a defined limit for the duration of the term of office on the supervisory board have been specified explicitly and are not currently planned (Code Items 5.1.2 Clause 2 and 5.4.1 Clause 2). Such an age limit or defined limit for the duration of the term of office on the supervisory board would generally restrict the company in its selection of suitable members of the executive board and the supervisory board. With regard to the composition of the executive board, supervisory board and further management circles, the individual’s experience, skills and knowledge are of primary importance to the company (Code Items 4.1.5, 5.1.2 Clause 1 and 5.4.1 Clause 2). In contrast, the supervisory board and, with reference to Code Item 4.1.5, the executive board regard diversity criteria as less important, even if these are expressly welcomed.

  • The Code’s recommendation on the creation of qualified committees of the supervisory board is not followed (Code Item 5.3) as the supervisory board only has four members at present. The tasks for which the Code recommends the formation of such committees are all performed by the supervisory board of Nemetschek SE.


Munich, March 20, 2019

For the Executive Board
Patrik Heider
Spokesman of the Executive Board

For the Supervisory Board
Kurt Dobitsch
Chairman of the Supervisory Board